Social critique or misogynist comedy?


Women learning to kill or wear a bikini

“Extracts from award-winning film-maker Nisha Pahuja’s new feature-length documentary, The World Before Her. Pahuja’s film examines the contradictory realities between a Hindu nationalist training camp where girls are trained to kill in self-defence and the bikini-clad women of the Miss India pageant. Tradition and modernity are on collision course.” The Guardian

Double Standards

“The Miley Cyrus performance at the VMAs has received quite the reaction. She appears to have shocked celebs as well as the media, and has even been blasted by a group of angry parents. The Internet outrage over her performance has spawned multiple offshoots, including a backlash against people slut-shaming Miley, as well as criticisms about her appropriation and exploitation of black culture.

What has been largely been missing from the conversation (with a few notable exceptions) is the lack of outrage at the 36-year-old man who ground up on Miley’s 20-year-old ass while singing his summer megahit rape culture anthem.” quoted from

Double Standards